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15 CRE influencers you should connect with on LinkedIn and follow on Twitter

Want to stay at the forefront of the latest commercial real estate (CRE) trends? One of the best ways to gain insight into the CRE industry is to hear what top real estate experts say about highly-debated topics and the latest news. Here are 15 CRE influencers you should follow on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Jonathan Schultz

Real Estate and CRE tech investor, Jonathan Schultz has combined his passions for real estate and technology as the Co-Founder of Onyx Equities. Jon is known as a pioneer and thought-leader in the CRE tech space and has invested in more than 8 tech startups. He has also helped foster a new culture of tech-savviness and awareness in the commercial real estate space.

Connect with Jon on LinkedIn and follow him on Twitter @JonSchultz_Onyx


Adrian Provost

Adrian Provost is an award-winning investment sales advisor, real estate broker, author, property developer, real estate investor, and media personality. As an investor, Adrian transforms decrepit apartment buildings into ultra-contemporary millennial driven short-term, long-term, and shared-living landmarks throughout the Southeast.

Connect with Adrian on LinkedIn and follow him on Twitter @adrian_provost


Michael Beckerman

Michael Beckerman is a leader in the commercial real estate tech sector. He entered the sector in 2012 after a 25-year career in commercial real estate public relations, in which he started and built Beckerman Public Relations into one of the largest firms in the country before eventually selling the agency. Michael now serves as CEO of CRETech, the largest event, data and content platform in the commercial real estate tech sector.

Connect with Michael on LinkedIn and follow him on Twitter @m_beckerman


Eran Polack

Eran Polack is an established entrepreneur with a long history of successful real estate ventures in Eastern Europe, Israel, and the United States. His strength is the early identification of up-and-coming regions, developing projects tailored for that area. His diverse portfolio includes small, luxury residential buildings along with large apartment buildings linked to extensive commercial space.

Connect with Eran on LinkedIn and follow him on Twitter @eranpolack


Connell McGill

Connell McGill has built companies around new ideas and innovative technologies. His goal is to leverage his abilities in entrepreneurship to one day have a tremendous positive impact on the world. Currently, he leads a company called Enertiv that streamlines building operations for the largest, most innovative commercial real estate portfolios in the world.

Connect with Connell on LinkedIn and follow him on Twitter @ConnellMcGill


Adam Stanley

Adam Stanley is the Global CIO and Chief Digital Officer at Cushman & Wakefield and is responsible for the technology, data, and innovation strategy for all of Cushman across multiple geographies, markets and service lines. Adam is a results-driven business partner with a Wharton MBA and over 20 years of achievement in driving value from technology investments.

Connect with Adam on LinkedIn and follow him on Twitter @ALSWharton


Howard Kline

Since 2010, Kline has hosted CRE Radio & TV and has produced numerous webinars, podcasts and other live-streaming events. He recently formed the Las Vegas Business Journal, which will focus on business webinars, podcasts, and other live-streaming events.

Connect with Howard on LinkedIn and follow him on Twitter @CREradio


Linda Day Harrison

Linda Day Harrison is the founder of theBrokerList, which was developed to connect CRE brokers with a network of verified CRE professionals. Known as the Switzerland of CRE, theBrokerList brings together both large and small companies no matter their affiliation and at no cost to brokers.

Connect with Linda on LinkedIn and follow her on Twitter @theBrokerList


Barbi Reuter

Barbi Reuter is a high-energy executive with 20+ years of senior leadership experience in commercial real estate services. She is a collaborative, solutions-oriented leader in both profit-driven and non-profit organizations known for authenticity, diplomacy, relationship-building, and inspiring team and individual performance.

Connect with Barbi on LinkedIn and follow her on Twitter @BarbiReuter


Jeremy Neuer

Jeremy Neuer is the co-lead for CBRE’s Capital Markets Group in New Jersey, focusing on office and retail properties. He is also an active blogger ( and is considered a thought leader in the CRE tech space.

Connect with Jeremy on LinkedIn and follow him on Twitter @JNeuer19


Elie Finegold

Elie Finegold is an experienced entrepreneur, corporate strategist, and senior executive at the intersection of Real Estate and Technology. He is also experienced in investing, developing, M&A and building companies in both real estate and tech.

Connect with Elie on LinkedIn and follow him on Twitter @ElieFinegold


Duke Long

Duke Long has been called the most quotable person in commercial real estate and was named one of the top 5 most influential real estate tech people of all time. He brings a fresh and entertaining angle to the industry’s news, events and hot-button issues.

Connect with Duke on LinkedIn and follow him on Twitter @dukelong


Coy Davidson

Coy Davidson has over 27 years of experience in commercial real estate specializing in corporate real estate services, occupier services, transaction management, and healthcare real estate services. He also publishes a nationally-recognized CRE Blog called The Tenant Advisor.

Connect with Coy on LinkedIn and follow him on Twitter @CoyDavidsonCRE


Masha Sharma

Masha Sharma has over 20 years of experience building technology products. She has innovated commercial real estate lending by building RealAtom, a SaaS platform for commercial real estate loans.

Connect with Masha on LinkedIn and follow her on Twitter @genideva


Pete Asmus

Pete Asmus is the CEO and Fund Manager for GREENZONE 360 Asset Management. He is a real estate investor, speaker, award-winning radio host, editor, and author. Pete has built a database of over 3.3M investors and owns one of the largest groups on LinkedIn totaling more than 1.1M investors.

Connect with Pete on LinkedIn and follow him on Twitter @PeteAsmus


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