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2019: All Wrapped Up as a Holiday Gift

With the holidays upon us and the year winding down, the RealAtom team wanted to take a moment to thank you for being a part of our lives and welcoming us into yours. While we certainly don’t need a special occasion to show appreciation and thanks, this team never turns down the opportunity to get in the holiday spirit…

2019 was a truly incredible year at RealAtom. Our customers started saving on average 6 hours per loan when submitting packages and getting a quote matrix download, improved time to quotes by 4x, and used RealAtom to increase 10x their lender engagement compared to email.

Here are some of the wonderful updates that our product team has built:

Get on the same level with your lenders: As you know the main advantage of RealAtom is that you and your lenders get to work on the same platform so all your loan-related activities and documents are organized in one place.

Manage your Lenders and … other Industry Relationships in one place

Contact directories keep all your lender, equity investor, and other industry players in one place. All contacts can be managed by tagging, searching, filtering and adding custom notes.

Since you are on the same platform, you can submit your loan requests to lenders and track their offer activity and loan engagement through the platform. As a bonus, Lenders update their contact information and lending criteria in real-time.

A fast and efficient way to create and market loan packages

The loan package application works like magic, fields are tailored to the specifics of the loan. Each package is flexible enough to include all the information you want to share with lenders, including photos to showcase the property, loan documents, and more. For complex transactions, our advanced features help you add custom fields or create custom folders of documents.

Marketing loan packages is now as easy as hailing an Uber.

Use advanced filters of lending criteria and tags simplify your lender selection process. Alternatively, you can take advantage of our smart matching algorithms that pick lenders for you based on the loan criteria. RealAtom marketing engine allows you to send packages at scale. Whether you are sending it to 3 lenders or to 70, you are in full control managing your network of lenders. If you need more eyeballs on the deal you can tap into RealAtom’s vast lender network as well.

Confidentiality agreements with lenders

Whenever sensitive information needs to be shared with lenders it is a good idea to require them to sign a confidentiality agreement. You can protect individual documents or the entire folders of documents. Once protected, any lender that attempts to review the document or a folder will be asked to sign. The best part, you will get a notification each time a lender signs an agreement, giving you an indication of lender interest.

An entirely new way to communicate while creating a system of record.

In 2019, real-time chat has been one of our most popular features. The chat is a collaboration tool connecting brokers with lenders in real-time. One of the Chats’ great features is that it brings together conversations, offers, and files into one efficient hub for collaboration. With Chats, questions or document requests that originally took hours – or even days – to answer can now be answered in real-time.

You can initiate a chat with lenders who have provided you soft quotes. Or you may start a conversation with your relationship lenders even before you’re ready to send them a loan request. In addition to the chat with lenders, you can also loop your team members into conversations. There is no limit to how much information you put into chats. Every message, every document, and every quote will be stored around specific loan transactions.

Accurate, just-in-time analysis and data is in our DNA

RealAtom platform provides various kinds of reports and analytics that help you manage your pipeline and your relations. All reports are exportable and therefore, easy to share.

  • Pipeline status report gives you a better holistic view of your transactions. It has two views – Board view and Table view. In the Board view, loans are organized by deal stages: Drafts, Active, Underwriting, and Closed, which is easy to navigate. In the Table view, you can drill down into more advanced metrics such as loan terms.
  • Quote matrix report is populated with lenders’ quotes for each loan. It’s designed to save your precious time, and also ensure better data accuracy vs manual data entry. The quotes in the matrix are actionable – allowing you to directly accept, reject and negotiate. Another cool feature is we now enable you to add an offline quote to the quote matrix. You can manage all your online and offline quotes in a single hub hence creating a source of record for all of your lender quotes.
  • Loan analytics report and lender engagement report help you measure how your loan request performs with metrics like lender views, document requests, offers, and term sheets. Use data from your loan activity report to monitor how the lending community is reacting to your loan request and refine your loan origination strategy.

As we continue building more awesome features based on our customers’ feedback into the New Year, we once again, thank you. We wouldn’t be here today without you, the people who use our product, read our content, engage in amazing conversations, and test the limits of technology adoption in the commercial real estate lending industry. This is a wrap for 2019! Keep in mind, we have so many more fantastic features than mentioned in the article. Check our blogs and never miss our new releases. We appreciate you, and we wish you all the best in the new year.

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