Product Jul 5, 2019

An easy way to search through past conversations in chat

As you know one of the really cool and popular features on the platform is a real-time chat.  Brokers and lenders request and share a lot of information in chat messages. 

Now, we made it really easy for our users to look back and find a request from a lender, or a file that was sent. You can search the content of your chats by simply searching by loan name, property name, lender name, even a company name or just a keyword.

After tapping on the search icon, you’ll be able to type in a keyword and see your message history where that keyword was used.  As you remember, our chat feature has multiple types of conversations, including direct broker-lender chats and loan-based chats (conversations focused on a specific transaction). Select a conversation in order to search for the files you have shared or files that were shared with you.


Chats are searched by the name of the participant, company name, loan name, file name as well as by any keyword that was used in the exchange.  With the new capability to search chats, you can review your conversations to find information that you need, when you need it.


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