BREAKING: RealAtom was featured on ProductHunt

Masha Sharma

I am ecstatic to announce that RealAtom was featured on Product Hunt!  We hope you will connect with us on ProductHunt and give us your feedback and your support.

We believe people are happier and more productive when they can utilize online tools in all aspects of their business and personal life.  Until now, when working on a CRE loan you were expected to maintain personal relationships in the industry while still dialing for dollars, sending thousands of emails, copy/pasting into Excel sheets.

Shouldn’t there be a faster way? Shouldn’t personal relationships be more fun and intellectually stimulating?  Shouldn’t there be a tool to help you manage your CRE lending transactions in the most efficient way, soup to nuts? Shouldn’t your data be accurate  no matter how much time it’s been? We believe it should, and we are applying the best user experience and engineering principles to enrich personal relationships with technology. We looked at how people interact in person, via email, and voice and found ways for you to do it online while retaining all the transaction data with pristine accuracy.  It’s a whole new experience that you’ll love.


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