Company Apr 7, 2021

RealAtom Family

Hi everyone! 

RealAtom is growing fast! We are launching new products, improving the quality of services to our customers, and engaging more and more new clients. All that would not be possible without our brilliant team members and today we are happy to announce that new amazing sales professionals have joined our team! We are thrilled by their expertise and experience as they are already making our company great.

Tyler White, our inspirational Head of Sales, has 20 years of experience with companies like Microsoft, Adobe, Premiere Global Services. His never-ending energy and drive for excellence allowed him to become an expert in conducting business expansions and provided valuable insights into growing business operations. He is THE guy when it comes to negotiating and closing vital business deals.  

Luis Delgado, our talented business development rep, worked in one of the fastest-growing online private equity companies. His hard work and diligence helped him to build a Deal Closing Program that helped his team to close millions in sales. Luis also runs a popular online podcast about international entrepreneurship.  

Kasen Wysong, the most process-oriented and attentive customer service specialist, has tons of experience working with SaaS companies and their clients. Kasen knows the pains of enterprise customers and is here to help. 

The team is excited and passionate about RealAtom’s mission of digitizing the commercial real estate lending industry in order to make the life of CRE lenders, brokers, and sponsors easier.

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