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Empower Your Team By Streamlining Your Loan Process

Team dynamics for commercial real estate lending is vital to ensuring smooth and efficient deals and timely loan closings.

However, many inefficiencies are built into the traditional lending process that can impede your workflow and cause your pipeline to get backed up.

💯 Thankfully, RealAtom created a digital platform that helps streamline deal flows and ultimately helps your team optimize their time and focus on managing relationships and executing good deals. 

✅ Current Inefficiencies 

Lending teams often play catch up throughout the loan cycle because of a constant back and forth between lenders and their clients, brokers, and borrowers.

One loan application may take over a week to sort through before an amicable quote is generated, and any additional changes will require another round of back and forth communication.

Constant paperwork shuffling becomes taxing for the lending teams because they simultaneously need to balance current deals with new prospects and additional loan applications.

Additionally, many teams do not have a consolidated system for managing their deals which can cause delays if data needs to be transferred from one system to another.  

✅ The RealAtom Solution

Fortunately, RealAtom developed a centralized platform that enables lenders, brokers, and borrowers to manage their deal flows, shorten the loan cycle, and empower teams to work quickly and efficiently. 

▶️ Digitize

RealAtom revolutionizes workflows for lending teams because they gain access to an organized, digital platform to keep all of their data.

Whether you originate a new loan, negotiate terms, or go through underwriting and due diligence, you and your team can manage each step of the process from your dashboard.  

Gone are the days where you need to open numerous spreadsheets and databases to monitor your active deals. 

You can focus on closing loans quickly by reviewing all available applications. You can even create custom checklists for every stage of the loan process and share them directly with clients and relevant team members to ensure you receive all necessary documents before moving to the next phase in the deal.

▶️ Quantify Progress 

In addition to managing your loan applications on a central platform, you can monitor progress in real-time. You will receive alerts when a requested document is uploaded, or a new term sheet comes across your dashboard.

What if one of your clients sends you a counteroffer on a current loan application?

You can immediately see the updated offer and either accept or counter without leaving the platform and at the same time creating a track record of your negotiations.

▶️ Foster Relationships

Balancing workloads and managing relationships between you and your clients can be difficult. Thanks to RealAtom, you can invest more time into your most valuable assets, your team, and client relationships.

Once all of your data is in a central location, you can start seeing a tangible increase in your ROI and deal close rate.

In some instances, our clients see a 33% increase in closed deals and save 7 days of the loan cycle.

✅ Gain A New Marketing Team Overnight

Finally, RealAtom enables your team to access an entire marketplace for your loans, depending on your needs. 

Whether you want a private market for your loans, or you want to source leads from other brokers and borrowers on our platform, RealAtom offers a dynamic and customizable solution for your lending needs, and it is the only one of its kind.

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