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RealAtom – Moody’s Analytics partnership announcement

RealAtom is pleased to announce a partnership with Moody’s Analytics and introduce Commercial Location Score, Moody’s Analytics advanced quantitative solution for evaluating commercial real estate (CRE) loan data, as part of RealAtom product offerings to our users, CRE lenders, and brokers.

Commercial Location Score allows over 3000+ lenders, and other finance professionals, who use RealAtom to review CRE debt requests and evaluate the suitability of over 7.2 million commercially-zoned parcels in the United States. It computes a numerical score for each parcel, which can be used to complement existing site risk and investment assessment analyses. In addition, through relative percentage rankings, the score lets users compare parcels across the United States and within the MSA (Metropolitan Statistical Area) or region.

Yulia Yaanii, RealAtom CEO, said, “Incorporating Moody’s Commercial Location Score that pairs traditional and alternative data with Moody’s robust modeling capabilities will help RealAtom lenders make data-driven, real-time funding decisions”. 

The tool evaluates a parcel’s suitability for five commercial property asset classes (office, retail, multi-family housing, industrial, and hotel) independent of the parcel’s current utilization. It calculates component factor scores, including business vitality, economic prosperity, amenity, spatial demand, transportation, and safety. Lenders can navigate the tool’s map interface to hone in on a particular data set for a more granular view of a parcel’s underlying factor scores.

Commercial Location Score is part of the RealAtom expansion of Commercial Real Estate data and analytics, offering our users to help them make better, faster decisions.RealAtom is known for its customer-facing innovative platform used by thousands of CRE lenders as a digital command center for all loan applications, data, teams, and clients.   

Our industry-leading 2-sided portal helps CRE lenders and their clients confidently navigate the data-intensive process of CRE and SBA loan applications.

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