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Take Control Of Your Future Loans By Leveraging Your Historical Data

RealAtom enables our users to harness the power of their data to optimize their deal flow, make strategic lending decisions, and ultimately increase the number of deals they close while simultaneously decreasing the overall loan cycle.

Today we will discuss how RealAtom utilizes automatic record-keeping to provide detailed reports on all loan applications, not just the ones that closed. 

By balancing your historical data and comparing loans that closed with loans that did not, you can make more educated decisions on future deals and ultimately increase your closing percentage.

✅ Managing Deal Pipelines Requires Balance

Pipelines with a variety of deals in different stages require discipline and a dedicated team to manage effectively. 

Thankfully, our platform provides a unique solution to track the status of multiple deals all in one dashboard so that your team can see where each loan package is, even if they are at different stages.

For example, you may have one loan that is about to close, requiring more manpower, while you are simultaneously bringing a new loan to market.

Now, you can get real-time updates on each deal, which will help you optimize your team’s resources to don’t lose a step or miss any red flags that could delay a closing.

✅ Record All Applications

In an ideal world, all deals would close quickly and efficiently, but unfortunately, this is not the case, and many deals do not close for various reasons.

Most deals that do not close are usually thrown out or ignored during future transactions. Even if the lender has quoted the deal, even if the deal application comes in with tons of valuable market data. 

Not recording inbound loan application data is a dangerous practice because lenders lose an opportunity to analyze and adjust terms since they do not have a majority of their historical data.

RealAtom provides detailed records of all applications which are logged automatically—having a record of all data and loan terms for both deals that closed in deals that did not. 

More data leads to enhanced analytics, which will help you and your team assemble more favorable loan terms and help you negotiate better deals in the future.

✅ Optimize Your Current Deals

If you have a saturated and organized record of past deals, you can compare terms that worked to terms that did not work with deals in your current pipeline. 

This is an immensely powerful ability because you can extrapolate each component of a loan and create narrower parameters for your terms which can reduce delays and help your team develop systems that lead to fewer errors.

✅ Plan Ahead With Analytics

It has been said that “you can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data.” At RealAtom, we thoroughly believe in the power of big data, which is why we record all transactions even if they do not close.

Our clients love that they have access to all deal information because they can plan ahead for future deals by learning from what worked and what didn’t in the past. 

✅ Save Time And Close More Deals 

By utilizing your historical data, you can create extremely robust models that can tell you if your strategies deliver the results you are looking for. If they aren’t, they can suggest alternative options that can steer you in the right direction.

The RealAtom platform is the only CRE lending tool of its kind, and it will enable you to streamline loan origination, increase your overall productivity, and help you stay on top of your pipeline, which can ultimately cut up to 10 days off of the entire loan cycle.

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