Product Jan 6, 2020

Marketing of the loan package

If you are in the business of securing commercial real estate loans, you are either our loyal customer or you’ve heard about RealAtom. We make the loan process efficient and we release new features often based on our customers, mortgage brokers or lenders’ feedback. With our latest release, you can now customize your loan requests to lenders at scale. Grow your business with RealAtom technology for CRE loans.

Engage your lenders with an interactive loan package at scale and customize your message when you feel like.

We’ve been offering interactive loan packages for a while now, but recently we introduced a better way to send loan applications at scale to your preferred lenders. With the new features, you can create beautiful loan packages, that lenders love, in minutes and share with your 3/10/50 (you decide) with a click of a button. On top of that, you have an option to customize the messages to a specific lender (congratulate on a new baby, industry award or just ask about health) or to a group. Lenders get those messages as personal notification emails and they feel you still have personal relationships.

Now, let’s talk analytics. We all want certainty, right? When we deal with millions of dollars we want it even more… With RealAtom analytics and reporting tools, you can keep track of loan performance and lender engagement. Spend less time wondering who is interested and more focusing on working with lenders who are doing everything in the system to produce a loan. Know how many times a lender viewed your loan, who asked questions, requested documents or submitted a quote. RealAtom captures the data and gives you unprecedented visibility into every deal. It’s like you’re getting to know lenders’ thoughts about your loan! With such, the clarity loan process becomes manageable and predictable. Your reports to your borrower now are backed by real-time, reliable data, not guesses.

How to create a loan request campaign:

  1. Create a loan package using smart loan application
  2. Select preferred lenders to send the package to in bulk
  3. Customize your message for the notification email

To customize the campaign, enter a subject line and a short description of the project and click “Send”. Bham, your loan request is on the way to multiple lenders with just one click! Relax and see the questions, document requests and offers start pouring in.

We’d love to hear from you. If you have any questions or feedback about how we could make things better for you and your team, please contact us.

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