Product Feb 1, 2022

Tasks that organize your work, your way

At RealAtom, we know you want to close more deals! Our platform gives lending teams the ability to save tons of time with insight into who’s doing what by when, within the loan process—and that includes knowing when your own tasks about any specific loan deal are due. That’s why we created Tasks—your one-stop-shop for viewing all of the work assigned to you or the team you manage in one unified place. You can view it by individual loan deal or across the portfolio.

One of the simultaneously great and not-so-great things about working in CRE lending: your daily tasks rarely change. Although the specific loans are different, you’re essentially doing the same things — reviewing loan requests, making calls, sending emails, requesting documents, and so forth.

While the routine can get boring, it’s also simpler to amp up your productivity. After all, you know what to expect.

Here’s where the science and art of task management come into play. With an effective task management system, you can handle your one-off and recurring responsibilities with the minimum amount of time and effort.  Therefore, we have launched the Tasks feature, which allows you to:

  • Create tasks 
  • Assign tasks to team members
  • Link tasks to specific deals
  • Track task progress
  • Complete tasks 

RealAtom will send you email notifications when tasks are due to make sure you stay on top of them. 

Here are a few of our task management tips:

  1. Before embarking on a big project, break it up into smaller tasks. It may not seem intuitive to add more tasks, but it’s really just a way to visualize the roadmap; like the directions you get from Google Maps. Now, what happens if you don’t do this? You will end up with a large scope of work that’s overwhelming and stress-inducing. And it won’t be easy to figure out what all is left to do. So, break up these big projects into manageable chunks using tasks. 
  2. Practice a Pomodoro technique after you break tasks into manageable parts. Using this technique, you will work for 25 minutes uninterrupted, then take a 5m break. You will do this until the task is completed. Stretch, walk, listen to music, dance, call your loved one;whatever it takes to get your mind to reset before the next task. 
  3. More often than not, getting started on something big is the hardest part, so starting with a smaller chunk and working your way up will make you feel accomplished and will build your confidence. It gets your momentum going right away to help you focus and commit to a bigger task. 

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