Product Jun 10, 2019

Streamlined submission to lenders

You have asked and we listened! We have made loan package submission even more streamlined. Now. when you want to send a loan package to lenders you are in full control and you do it with few clicks.

As you know when it comes to sending your loan package, you have two options. First, is to send it to your relationship lenders in your private database on RealAtom platform, and second is to tap into RealAtom’s 800+ lender network.

Yeeehaw! Finally, RealAtom’s sophisticated matching algorithm is available for you to manage your loans and lenders more efficiently. Simply put, any of your loan requests are matched to appropriate lenders from your proprietary database based on the lending criteria and behavior on the platform.

If you do not want to use the matching algorithm, simply click “Select None” and filter manually the contacts you want to send the loan to. Don’t forget that you can also use the tags to filter by a group of lenders.

Alternatively, when you do want to tap into RealAtom lenders, that get matched to your loan request, you can also be filtered by lender type.  If you don’t want to send your loan to a particular group of lenders, you can just deselect it.

Finally, you can exclude lenders simply by typing in company names.  For example, once you tape in Citibank, the system will not send your loan package to any Citi contacts.

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