RealAtom is your valued partner in marketing of your commercial real estate loan. We will help you to create the best debt memorandum and reach a broad pool of lenders, both traditional and alternative.

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Founder & CEO, RealAtom

What is RealAtom?

At RealAtom our goal is to help borrowers to secure the best debt financing available out there for their property. 


Refer a borrower, who needs a commercial real estate loan and earn referral fees. 

Commercial only, $1MM - $70MM.

1. You want to help a borrower who needs a commercial real estate loan. You are awesome!

2. Sign up for our referral program.

3. Our customer success representative will onboard you and your borrower. 

4. RealAtom matches your borrower with the lender that will close.

5. You get paid at closing.  It's that easy! 

How it works

Help your clients get financing options from multiple sources in 24 hours

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