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RealAtom’s secure portal simplifies the journey from application to close for ALL commercial real estate and multifamily loans.

Empowering leading commercial real estate finance
companies to close more loans

The new standard in commercial real estate lending

RealAtom is the best software platform for securing CRE loans. Forward-thinking commercial lenders, brokers, and owners handle billions of dollars every year using RealAtom technology.

We’re built for and trusted by thousands
of CRE finance professionals

Close more loans

Consolidate your critical information on a single platform and simplify the process

All your applications in one place

Quickly capture all application information and stop sorting through emails.

Automate document management

Create a custom checklist for each stage of the loan and share files securely.

Delight your customers

Provide real-time feedback at every stage of the process and keep all deals in one place.

Collaborate with clients and teams

Always know where your clients or team members are in the loan process.

Happy team and a strong bottom line

Use data to keep your team happy and help them close more loans

Enable your loan officers to be more efficient

Streamline origination, save time and close more loans by receiving all loan activities through one platform.

Analyze your pipeline

Increase productivity, gain a system of records and stay on top of the team’s pipeline by keeping all your data in one place, logged automatically.

Optimize your team’s activities

Track deals status, generate reports and keep an eye on who is on-target to meet quotas.

Consolidate your data

Have all your loan and team data captured in your system, ready to be analyzed for improved bottom line.

Find the best terms for your loan

RealAtom speeds up the loan cycle and helps find the right loan and lender faster

Build better loan memos

Create loan packages on the platform for easy distribution.

Find great lenders

The Marketplace matches you with the best relevant lenders.

Track deals and documents in one place

Consolidate your critical information and all the details of every deal on a single secure platform.

Help more customers close the deal

You’ll earn more money and your customers will love you for it

Be proactive

Pre-qualify the property with the best lenders.

Be useful

Place borrowers with great lenders faster.

Be creative

Give borrowers tools for the best loan marketing.

Increase your business

Close more deals faster when the right financing is at your fingertips.

Increase your commissions

Speed up the loan process and close more deals

Close deals faster

Manage your entire deal flow, automating and eliminating manual entry.

Consolidate Critical Information

Track all deals and loan documentation in a single place. Always know what to submit to lenders or collect from clients.

Control the message

Securely create, distribute and track beautiful loan packages with all relevant lenders at scale.

Know what lenders do with your loan

Track lender’s activity on all your deals. Know when they see the loan, review or request documentation, and more.

RealAtom is secure, popular, powerful


Lenders use RealAtom

$23 Billion+

in Loan Applications


Return on Investment

The RealAtom platform offers a complete toolkit for
managing CRE loans

RealAtom builds the most powerful and flexible tools for the commercial real estate debt market. Hundreds of the nation’s most innovative CRE finance players are scaling faster and more efficiently by closing better loans with RealAtom.

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“RealAtom has been incredibly helpful for coordinating not only the loan pipelines of several production teams within the company but also all communications and document exchanges with lenders. It has allowed us to track both our producers’ and lenders’ efforts, including deals quoted and deals closed.”


“We’ve found RealAtom’s tools to be invaluable. Specifically, the quote matrices, pipeline analytics, live chats, and access to real-time market data make our work much easier. In fact, I’m hiring two more capital market producers because, with RealAtom, I have more time to focus on expanding my business.”

CRE Mortgage Broker,

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