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The RealAtom platform helps you streamline your workflow and get more time for relationships,
making happy customers in the bargain.


Lender. Innovator. Be both.

RealAtom’s market-leading technology helps you win customers now, for life.

900+ loan officers from over 600 CRE lending companies in the US already use RealAtom to originate loans efficiently.
Get from lead to loans FASTER. Close more deals & build better relationships with customers.
Do not lose to competition - the guy next door or your own team member is using RealAtom to close more deals. Stay relevant.


Close loans faster and grow your business with [an / the] interactive platform built by lenders for lenders.

Securely receive, review, and track ALL of your loan applications, including documents, on one integrated, streamlined platform.
Save time and originate more loans while working less. Manage more deals using automated yet flexible workflows.
Increase revenue with all the deal management tools you need — in one place — to shorten loan cycles.


Streamline customer engagement as you interact on the same platform from application to closing.

Engage with your customers seamlessly and more efficiently by giving them access to a cloud-based portal designed specifically for them.
Provide the best-in-class experience your customers deserve by increasing the certainty of execution with a predictable application process.
Personalized, interactive dashboards give you and your customers a central location for all transaction activities and loan data.


Simplify communication with customers and your team to get more done.

Ask questions, submit or negotiate loan quotes in real-time. Keep track of past and present conversations around each transaction all in one place.
Real-time chat with customers saves time and allows you to collaborate more efficiently.
Know when customers or team members communicate regarding any loan transaction by getting personalized, push notifications wherever you are.


Access and store loan-related documents in a secure and structured environment.

Get secure access to transaction documents in the cloud, any time, from any device. No more emails or random shared links.
No more searching through a multitude of emails. Information and documents are easy to find across all your loans because it’s stored on one platform.
All documents—whether from messages, chats, or uploads—are automatically gathered and stored into a unique profile for each loan that you can access at any time.
Rest easy knowing that sensitive transaction data is securely protected by iron-clad industry-leading security standards.


Stay on top of loan status, customer and team activity, anywhere, any time, with realtime reporting.

Track the status of an individual loan or the entire portfolio anytime. Always know what to do next.
Real-time reporting proactively notifies you of red flags that can delay your loan at any phase (unsubmitted documents, quotes that haven’t been issued, and more).
RealAtom’s integrated portal lets you generate and securely share reports with both your team and supervisors as well as track customers’ activity.
Have ALL the deals you touch logged automatically in a system of records.

How to beat the competition by making clients happy

Delight your clients!
You want them to be efficient and send you more great deals, right?

Invite your existing clients on the platform so you can manage all your transactions in one place. You get more efficient - clients benefit.
Give your clients an easy application system to submit loans to you. They love creating beautiful loan packages.
Enable real-time loan updates, streamlined loan process, and better customer service. And your clients come for more (loans).
Help your clients build a system of records for all transactions without double entry. This will make you a hero!

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