Data-driven portfolio and team management analytics

AtomData is your window into your entire CRE origination process. Track the overall health of your portfolio or zoom in on a specific deal.


RealAtom takes a moment to set-up, enabling you to take advantage of all your loan process data and analytics.


RealAtom aggregates loan and team data in one place allowing lending teams and management to enhance the process.


Most innovative CRE lending companies choose RealAtom to incorporate data-driven lending decisions and optimize for future deal-flow.

RealData is equally valuable for CRE lending teams
and Executives

Data for Lending Companies

Find yield and stay ahead of competition

Keep tabs on your lending business with powerful analytics and reporting tools and all loan and team data accessible in one place.
Track the status of a single loan or your entire portfolio, get proactive red-flag alerts and receive sharable secure insights with the click-of-a-button.
Integrate RealAtom with your internal system or use it as a cloud solution to have ALL deals that you work on (not only closed loans) automatically recorded for you for historical and real-time data.

Data for Lending Teams

Know where to focus to close more loans

Access ALL loan data and documents on one cloud-based platform. Eliminate data-entry and provide an easy foundation for data analytics.
Generate comprehensive reports, such as the Client activity report to help you uncover engaged clients; or the Pipeline status report to review the status of all deals; or the team activity report.
With no more time wasted on manual tasks, use a data-driven laser-focused approach to close more business and have more time and money to do whatever you love.

Data for Finance Brokers

Help your borrowers find the best deals - fast

Get the best deal possible and close as quickly as possible by analysing lenders’ activities and comparing all offers in an exportable quote matrix.
Gain a system of records and become a source of truth for your clients when data for ALL applications (not only those you close) logged automatically and easily accessible.
Track the status of a loans or your entire portfolio, get proactive red-flag alerts and receive sharable secure reports.



Good data brings good returns.
The more information you have about what the other parts of the process are doing right now (lending criteria, loans requests, etc.), the less time is wasted and the more revenue is realized.



Get a bird’s eye view of your pipeline and funnel.
Gain a system of records when all applications--including those that do not close--are logged automatically. Stay on top of your team’s activities and avoid delays with actionable insights.



Generate current or historical reports
Review operational data to see where your entire portfolio or team is at in their production to manage your CRE lending business effectively in real-time and plan for the future.



Get good intel recorded automatically
Keep everyone on boths sides of the table on the same page. All information about each deal is kept together in a simple place so everyone knows where the process is at.

“The most value (of the platform) is that all data is one click away...”

Jordan Gellman, Loan Officer at Cross River Bank

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