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Our mission

We’re disrupting the status quo in CRE lending with smart technology that makes CRE loans easier and simpler for owners, lenders, and brokers.

We’ve taken our combined decades of expertise as innovators in tech and commercial real estate to create a single powerful and flexible platform that transforms the process of securing and processing loans.

Hundreds of the nation’s most innovative CRE players are scaling faster and more efficiently by closing better loans using the RealAtom platform. Join them, and us, to grow your network, access our market data, close deals faster, and make your life simpler.

Our Team

Co-Founder & CEO
Ryan Hill
Business Development
Emanuel Russom
Customer Success
Alex Komkov
Director of Engineering
Eugenia Lebedinskaya
Egor Aristov
Masha Sharma
Co-Founder & CTO
Vladimir Bogachev
Quality Assurance
Tamerlan Abilov
Vivi Li
Bogdan Sklyrenko
Cyrill Golubovsky
Pavel Schukin
QA Automation
Alex Andreyev

Network of Experts

Sam Glass
Co-founder & Partner at Artis Advisors
John Campanella
Managing Director Four Points Capital Partners
Andrew Weiss
President/CEO at Sapphire Capital Group
Mack McKelvey
Founder/CEO, SalientMG

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