Empower your producers and teams to close more loans

Your producers want to make more money. Give them smart tools to do so to increase yield and retain data in the process.

Stay ahead of the competition with RealAtom

ENABLE your originators to be more efficient

Streamline origination by receiving ALL your loan applications through one portal
Save time and close more loans with a predictable application and document collection process
Delight your customers with real-time feedback at every step of the lending process so they refer you more deals

ANALYZE and manage your pipeline in real-time

Increase productivity having your team and clients share loan data in one place
Gain a system of records when ALL applications (not only those you close) logged automatically
Stay on top of the team’s pipeline to avoid red flags that can delay closings

OPTIMIZE your team’s activities

Track deals status across individual team members or the entire portfolio
Generate current or historical reports of all quotes issued and deals viewed or closed by team members or clients
Access team performance data to know who is on target to meet the numbers

Benefits of using RealAtom

Customer acquisition and retention


RealAtom’s digital platform makes it simpler and faster to close a loan. Provide exceptional customer experiences, automate workflows, and cut loan cycle by weeks.

Applications and quotes


Enable your team. Streamline origination through a single platform, saving time for loan officers and delighting customers with real-time feedback at everys stage of the process.

Pipeline and tasks management


Get a bird’s eye view of your pipeline. Gain a system of records when all applications--including those that do not close--are logged automatically. Stay on top of your team’s pipeline and avoid delays by watching for red flags.

Document Management


Keep tabs on your team. Track deal status across individual team members or the entire portfolio, generate current or historical reports and view operational data about who is on target to meet their numbers.

Help your team help your bottom line

RealAtom frees your team to focus on originating more loans and closing them faster. Plus--your customers will love the easy experience. With detailed analytics, you’ll be able to have a top-down view of all your business and team activities.

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