The online command center for all your loan applications, data, teams and clients

RealAtom lets you focus on closing more loans, finding new business
and managing relationships by consolidating your critical information

Simplify the entire loan process by bringing everyone to the RealAtom platform, offering streamlined workflows for lending teams and an easy-to-use application process for clients.

Simplify online applications for customers

Make your clients happy with a flexible application intake and get all your loans on one portal.
Clients can choose to self-start applications or loan officers can fill in key details over the phone/email and send to the clients for completion.

Optimize your team

Close more loans faster by streamlining internal workflow and making the back-and-forward process quick and efficient.
Your existing teams will work smarter and more effectively as tedious barriers to productivity are removed.

Easily Integrate with current systems

Seamlessly collect and transfer applications information with two-way data sync with your internal LOS or CRM systems.
Eliminate data-entry and provide an easy foundation for data analytics.

AtomLoan Features

Customer acquisition and retention

Customer acquisition and retention

We enable lenders to put relationships first by exceeding client expectations shaped by their digital experiences in other areas of life and work.

Lenders compete at the level of transparency their clients expect by offering them a portal to see where they are in the process and to track loan history.

Applications and quotes

Applications and quotes

RealAtom enables lenders to win clients’ trust from the start with guided application experience, all-in-one communications, and powerful tools like Interactive Dashboards, Loan Memorandum builders, Quote matrices or automated data recordings.

Lenders scale loan volume by giving clients a place to come back to and complete more applications.

Pipeline and tasks management

Pipeline and task management

With RealAtom, lenders don't need to search endless email chains for deal info.

Lenders get visibility into loan status and outstanding tasks by having all their applications move automatically from stage to stage.

They can filter all deals by criteria important to them at the moment.

Document Management

Document Management

Lenders and clients get the deal done faster when using one two-sided platform to manage document exchange.

They can create interactive checklists customized to each stage of the loan and track completion in real time.

On RealAtom all document related communications are centralized. Ask us about our new Document Data Extraction tools.

Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and Analytics

RealAtom reporting tools capture and filter all application activity into detailed reports.

Use our Analytics tools to get a 360 degree view of your portfolio and team activities.

Through our APIs, the data will easily flow into existing internal tools.

Integrations and APIs

Integrations and APIs

With RealAtom, lending companies can capture all front-end client data as well as activities of the lending team.

We customize integrations with internal systems to enable consolidation of data and provide an overview of the entire LOB.

“We've got an appetite for growth. Loan intake platform is a game changer for us in terms of our ability to process all our applications efficiently.”

— Head of Origination, Life Insurance Company

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