Build a loan request, find a lender and close the deal on a single platform

RealAtom streamlines the process but leaves YOU in control of how and to whom you market your loan

How to close your loan faster on AtomMarket

Step One: Create & Market Your Package

Control your first impression on the lender and market your loan easily and effectively

Upload pictures and documents to give your package context.
Create and format a message to get lenders excited.
Send the ready loan memorandum to relevant lenders through the platform or email the link.

Step Two: Find the Best Loan and Lender

You decide who sees your request

Submit your package to the marketplace, where it will be matched with relevant lenders.
Do not “shop around”, only talk to lenders who can do the loan.
Track lender’s activity on your deal in real time

Step Three: Negotiate the Deal

Compare offers in a matrix, negotiate rates, terms and conditions, all in one Deal Room

The lenders create checklists requesting documents through each stage of the loan
They’ll be alerted when you’ve provided information in real time.
The room is secure and confidential to you and a single lender, so chat freely.
When everyone agrees, the deal is done and ready to finalize.

What you can do on AtomMarket


Automate to streamline the process

Manage your entire deal flow of CRE loans, automating and eliminating many of the manual steps that delay approvals and timely closings, shortening the loan cycle.

Chat with lenders, clients and team members, negotiating in real-time.


Simplify to originate more deals while working less

Securely create, distribute, and track your loan packages (debt memos) with all relevant lenders at scale.

Talk only to lenders who can close on your deal.


Expand to find new partners.

Manage your existing lender relationships, track lender activity and engage with them seamlessly through our cloud-based portal designed for them.

Get access to our ever-expanding lender network of 3000+ members and connect with lenders who can close.


Analyze to keep tabs on your workflow

Track the status of a single loan or your entire portfolio, get proactive red-flag alerts and receive sharable secure reports.

Integrate RealAtom with your CRM to have ALL deals that you work on (not only closed loans) automatically recorded for you.


Consolidate to get all your deals in one place

Secure all loan documentation in one place, with a built-in deal room where lenders can customize checklists and you can track documents submission based on those checklists.

Have your quotes in Quote Matrix, all your Q&A in the deal, all your deal information in one data room. No more searching through emails for deal information.

“The great thing about RealAtom is that it's an open marketplace where we can talk to borrowers and brokers and they can talk to us. And we love the transparency on RealAtom.”

Stephen Rudow, SVP at AGM Financial Services

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