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«I like to have an actual platform for all my loan applications, instead of going back and forth on emails, having to remember what loans we're looking at or storing documents in desktop folders.
Kevin Rodriquez
What I really like is how streamlined the platform is. I like getting all the information I need when receiving my loan applications through RealAtom. A lot of the pertinent numbers are displayed without me having to go through financial documents.
Zoheb Osmani
RealAtom is easy to use to exchange information with the borrower. Creates a lot of efficiency and enables you focus on more deals that fit within your underwriting criteria.
Dave Groves
I like getting my loans through RealAtom. It gives a snapshot of all of the important details that we need to make well-informed decisions. It's helpful, especially when we're trying to go through lots and lots of deals.
Dayna M.

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"The most value (of the platform) is that all data is one click away..."
John Gellman, CrossRiver


"I definitely trust the site and like the ease of communicating back and forth and the real-time notification"
Marc Rabkin, Rodeo Lending


"We love the transparency of RealAtom"
Stephen Rudow, AGM


"I'll know right away if that something for me or if it's not for me..."
Michael Samuels, Flushing bank


"...Lender is getting the bulk of the information upfront about the sponsors, the property, and the transaction."
Clark Stephens, Harvest


"I can access (faster) the situation and tell the broker: Hey, we can do this or not."
Hang Po Chang, Celtic bank

“RealAtom is the future of Commercial Real Estate Lending - a truly unique platform, user friendly, with a remarkably intuitive interface. And the team behind the platform is responsive and open to ideas, suggestions, questions.”

Question - Would you recommend RealAtom to other loan officers within your lending institution?
Answer: "I most certainly would."

John Tucker, TD Bank

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