For Investment Sales Brokers

Why partner with RealAtom?
You’ll sell more properties

Earn commissions quicker by helping your customers find the right financing

Control the entire deal by instantly connecting your clients with thousands of qualified CRE lenders

Amaze with Customer Service

Expand your value to clients beyond facilitating a sale of a commercial property. Financing is the key part of a transaction. Help your customers secure the right loan on the AtomMarket.

Be Proactive

Give the best first impression possible to the client by gathering loan quotes from relevant lenders before you even get the property deal.


The platform is easy to use and it accelerates loan closing. Client gets financing. You close the deal faster. Client is happy. You have more time to close more deals !

How it works for Investment Sales Brokers

Help your customers with finding the right debt financing for their property by pricing the deal with relevant lenders on AtomMarket. It’s so easy to use that you can still focus on what you do best, helping clients close more deals.

STEP ONE: Create a loan request

Whether you need to prequalify a property for financing or have a client who needs a loan, create a loan package on REALATOM (only takes a few minutes).
Our lenders are happy to prequalify your property for financing even before you have a buyer.

STEP TWO: Post loan request on AtomMarket

RealAtom matching algorithm will match your loan request with relevant lenders on the marketplace.
Monitor activity of matched lenders on your loan in real-time: who viewed, asked questions, requested docs, produced quotes, etc.

STEP THREE: Receive quotes

After you respond to lenders’ questions or submit documents they requested, Lenders start producing quotes.
Quotes are organized in a quote matrix that you can conveniently share with your client.

STEP FOUR: Delight your client

When the quotes are good, you can direct clients who need financing to RealAtom.
Borrowers love how easy it is to use the platform to work with lenders, to negotiate terms and submit all loan information securely and privately.

Happy customers, happy lenders - and you’ll be happy too

Your customers will love the easy-to-use functionality. You’ll love how fast loans are closed.

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RealAtom - Automate your loan process, delight your lenders | Product Hunt Embed
RealAtom - Automate your loan process, delight your lenders | Product Hunt Embed