Product Apr 24, 2020

Introducing: Digital onboarding for your CRE clients

You already know RealAtom for its innovations around delivering tailored loan leads straight to your inbox. Many lenders on RealAtom also appreciate the easy process, including Q&A, document collection, submission of quotes and term sheets. But so far, all that easiness was only applicable to outside leads, while work with your relationship clients is still done via calls and emails.

Upon popular demand from hundreds of users, we announce a SaaS platform for Lenders: Client Connect. Client Connect enables you, a CRE lender, to invite your relationship brokers and borrowers into your private portal on RealAtom, so your clients submit applications to you all in one place.

Working through a shared platform delights your clients and gets loans done fast, cost-effectively and with ample audit controls of every step both sides take within every transaction. Thanks to the new Client Connect you and your clients can track loan requests progress, collaborate easily, and keep everyone up-to-date on what is needed to move the transaction forward. Client Connect is simply a more effective way of working together.

How to invite your clients to start submitting loan requests into your private portal on RealAtom:

1. Click on “Clients” in the navigation bar on the left

2. Click “Add Client” and type in client’s information

Clients will receive an email instructing them to set up their password. As soon as they do, they are set to send you loan requests and share documents – all in one place.

Now you are ready to scale your process. Every time you are on the phone with your client, discussing new loans, encourage them to share loan information and document with you through RealAtom. Imagine, from now on, every loan request you touch, will get recorded in your pipeline. So when your manager asks you what you have spent your time on last month, you proudly produce every deal you worked on, discussed, took a pass on and more. At the same time, your borrowers will not have any excuses anymore about documents lost in email, or questions that they’ve forgotten to answer for you. Because both of you will be on the same page, every step, on every transaction.

Create client groups

To create custom client lists use tags to group your clients. Tags are labels you create to help organize your clients. Tagging lets you bring your own structure into your Clients’ Directory on RealAtom. You can categorize your clients based on the data only you know about them. For example, “SML multifamily borrowers”, “CBRE brokers”, etc. Tags are fully customizable, so you can add, remove and assign them as needed. Once you add tags to your client database, you can sort and filter your clients using these tags.

To create a tag:

  1. Click anywhere on the Client record The Profile Details Panel will appear on the right side
  2. In the Tags section either “select an existing tag” or “add a new one”

Adding Notes

Remember that time when you had a conversation with your client and you took some notes, only to discover days later that you lost the notes and don’t quite remember the very important point that you wrote down? Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. This is why, in your Client Directory on RealAtom, you can now add important notes to the client’s profile and use those notes later to refresh your mind about your last interaction.

How to add notes:

  1. Click anywhere on the Client row. The Profile Details Panel will appear on the right side
  2. With the client profile expanded click on Notes
  3. Type your note. Do not forget to click save
  4. All existing notes are stored here and ready for your review whenever you need it

New to RealAtom? Contact us to learn more about scaling your origination process. Request a demo with our lender relations representative.

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