Product Jul 15, 2019

Memorialize your relationships in notes

The broker hassle never dies. You are constantly on the phone or responding to emails. Your spiral notebook is filled with notes about every deal and every lender you’ve worked with.  It really helps you move the deal forward.

Every time you want to review your pipeline, you go through your spiral notebook trying to find the notes about each transaction. Perhaps you have transferred your notes into a spreadsheet. How often do you sweat, because you can’t read your own handwriting, how often do you get a migraine from trying to find that one important note? Guess what, now there is now a better way.  A way that keeps all of your loan and lender data as well as all your notes organized in RealAtom lender directory.

Until recently RealAtom has really only helped you interact and collaborate with lenders on loans. Thanks to core features like Lender Directory, Quote Matrix & Negotiations, Chat, and Q&A, we’ve made it easy to dig into more data than you ever could have before. Now, we made it easy for you to make your insights available for the rest of your team with Lender & Loan Notes.

Yes!  You can now add notes to each lender card in your directory.  When you need to refresh your memory about a particular lender, just review your notes. No more notebooks!

And as an added bonus, you can review ALL the company notes on each lender (Given your account is set up to share).  So if your buddy in a different office had an interaction with a particular lender; you now have your own crystal ball to see it.

We realize that you may want to memorialize specific information about each loan as well.  Or perhaps you want to review the notes your analyst left on the deal, regarding the last call he had with the lender.  Clicking on the “Notes” menu item opens up a notes module on the right-hand side of the loan request. You can write your new notes here, or review previous notes.

Don’t worry about adding notes when you are closing the deal. Because we built the system to automatically add the notes to each loan request weather its closed because the deal was lost or because it received funding. We will even add the terms with which this deal has closed. Isn’t that convenient?  Read more about closing the loan here.

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