Smart Loan Package Creation

Masha Sharma

The way you build your loan package depends on which type of property, loan, and purpose you choose. Each loan package type has a specific set of steps you’ll follow to target your lenders, add photos of the property, upload your documents, and make other changes.

RealAtom is built by industry experts and technology gurus who have analyzed the data on the platform and interviewed lenders.  Based on our studies we have developed a loan application scoring model. This model scores loan packages for completion. We have noticed that packages with a score lower than 75% do not get lender engagement, hence we made it a rule to get your application to 75% in order to submit it to lenders.  This way incomplete submissions do not get out.

After you send your loan request, you can monitor its performance with lenders in your pipeline report. These reports include important metrics such as lender views and quotes, questions, and document requests.

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